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Singing Tom
John D. the Journalist
Indescribable Nicky
Cousin Jerry
French Thierry
Raven-Haired Steven
Tall Dan
Klaus the Swedish Diplomat
Painterly Hugh
Ken's Roommate Alberto
Sean the Painter
Little Rich
Blue-Eyed Mark
Julio with the Unusual Style
Craig the Artist
Young Blond Scott
Jeffrey the Maker of Angel
Paul's Angel Juan
Darryl the Artist
Orsini, the Sky Painter
John the Composer and Jim the Painter
Colorful South American Ernesto
Sharing John
Warm-Hearted Michael
Stylish Wilfredo
Wavy Haired Robert
Blond Haired Roger
Beautiful William
Tender Hearted Turk
Abelardo the Shepherd
Paulo the Art Dealer
Tomato Bob
Abbot the Fire Painter
Ernesto the Gypsy
Felix G.T.
Singing Joel
Larry My Childhood Friend
Mavis' Brother Jim and His Partner Paul
Dancing Tom
Ohio Jeff
David W.
Hal's Friend Ricky
Painterly Garland
Brazilian John
The Upstairs Neighbor
Swedish Alexander
James and Peter the Choreographer
Jeffrey, a Believer in Faeries
Rugged Dancing John
Mediterranean George
Ian with the Proud Hands
Argentine Luis
Antonio and Juan
Art Critic Paul
Handsome Santiago
Tom the Cake Baker
Gender Bending Logan
Howard, Maker of Baskets
Zany Ann
Red Headed Eddie
Brown Eyed Bartley
Jeff, Friend of Constance
Deborah's Mark
Tall Curtis
Swedish Jacob
French Patric
Open Hearted Rick
David the Hustler
Ross' Friend Thomas
Sexy Joe and David The Poet
Red Headed Rick
Blue Eyed German Roland
Billy the Accordion Player
Anselmo the Stone Carver
Curtis, Richard's Love
Robert the Auctioneer
Compassionate Bob T.
Michael F.
Daniel, Father of Two
Dancing Philip
David the Photographer
Joe and Jim
George's Love Will
Kurt K, Editor of Fashion

Robert the Artistic Time Traveler
Seth the Potter
Jeff and Tim
Shooting Star Ricky
Ron's Love Larry
Mark's Friend Carol
Lori's Dancing Friend John
Graced Tom
Canadian Daniel with the Violet Hair
Ron the Song and Dance Man
Tall Rick
Marshall the Mystic
Crandel the Dancer
Handsome Rick
Courageous Adrian
Ira and Marvin
Dancing Jean Louis
Willie S.
David and Gordon
Bob the Art Maker
Mark and Ralph, Partners in Modernism
Richard the Puppeteer
Gray Flannel Adrian
Dancing Jeff
Samuel's Upstairs Comrade
Graffiti Keith
Huck, the Fiery Aries
Brian, Geoff's Love
Lovely Tina
Carlos and Australian Tim
German Horst
Legendary Mark M.
Andrew of Many Voices
Lawyer Paul, the Seeker
Flirtatious Michael
Rob the Crooner
Angel Boy
Fair Pam
Flamboyant Perrin
Cousin Jimmy
Terry with the Healing Hands
Dark Haired Anita
Designer Carl D.
Steven the Composer
David the Alchemist
Brazilian Carlo
Parisian Perry
Robert M.
Red Headed Kurt
Adorable Steven A.
Bob P., Man of Interiors
Gareth's Musical Michael
Martin W.
Open Hearted Larry
Amazing Jonathon
Bill "Kooch"
Peter's Comrade Paul T.
Jay's Sweet Joe
Billy, Seeker of Friends
Joe B.
Herb, Recorder of Beauty
Wade, Transformative Confidant
Luther the Red Headed Journalist
Ryan the Emissary
Remarkable Olivia
Iris, Poet and Activist
Vaughn's Love, Don
Embracing Dan
Gender Bending Logan
Lucas' Pal Frank
Provocative Steven G.
Jay's Bill
Trucker to Tuxedo, Donald
Wholesome Designer Perry
Michelle's Brother Michael
Ted's Buddy Jerry
Sexy John
Will's Marcus
Lebanese Richard
Jenney's Father
Peter of the Dark Heart
Sue's Brother-in-Law
Inspirational Archie
Firefighter John and Bob the Decorator
Blond Italian Aldo
Jim's Early Day Comrade
Tom, Buster's Muse
Juan and Antonio
Sun Burst Mark