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Visual Arts: Interior Stories

It's appropriate that Eric Rhein calls his show "Interior Structure."

Using rhinestones, jewelry clasps, bronze wire and antique items and even pages from biology textbook, the New York artist—who's gaining much attention among art cognoscenti there—weaves poignant but also humorous stories in each of his small, subtle wall works that may remind viewers of Joseph Cornell's box assemblages. Elliptical and elegant, Rhein's exactingly rendered structures seem like memory pieces or visual diary entries and touch on many topics, including the biology of destiny and, ever so gently, AIDS.

Froelick Adelhart Gallery, 817 S.W. Second Ave. Hours: 11am-6pm. Tuesdays-Fridays; 10am-5pm Saturdays; through Oct. 2.

D.K. Row
The Oregonian
September 10, 1999

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